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ECDIS - Electronic Chart Display & Information Sy

COLREGS compatible Collision Avoidance Software
  • The COLREGS ADVISER module is an integral part of Totem ECDIS. It automatically analyzes the data of all targets and advises the OOW on the required action.
  • The CPA (Closest Point of Approach) of all vessels is taken into account together with the stipulations of the COLREGS. If required, a “Course To Steer” advice will be given to the OOW automatically
  • More information on the relevant page called

  • COLREGS Adviser www.totemplus.com/colregs.html
System Features
  • Electronic charts integrated with information from various ship navigation systems including AIS, GPS, Gyrocompass, Speed Log, Wind Sensor, Echo Sounder and more.
  • Collision prevention algorithms minimize human error.
  • Data logging and playback functionality.
  • Complies with IMO Resolutions A.817 (19) and MSC.232 (82), IHO S-57 and S-52 Standards and IEC 61174, 61162 and 62288 Standards
  • Type approved by DNV
Navigational Functions
  • Interfaces with ship’s navigational equipment to provide all necessary navigational information.
  • Route planning and monitoring capabilities, including automatic navigation assistance.
AIS Integration
  • AIS targets displayed on-screen including vessel info, position and course tracking.
Electronic Charts
  • Supports S-57 (Official IHO standard ENC vector charts) and C-MAP CM93/3 chart formats.
  • Easy and simple chart updating using direct Internet connection, Email or offline updating.
  • Chart display features according to S-52 presentation library.
  • Displays general and hazard information for chart objects.
Safety Features
  • Vessel collision prediction, monitoring and alarm for all AIS targets.
  • Vessel collision prevention utilizing "what-if" algorithm to evaluate course correction solutions.
  • Alarm when approaching dangerous areas such as shallow waters, navigational hazards etc.
  • "Man Overboard" mode for single-click emergency operation.
  • Shift Change Procedure: Check list that will take place when the officer is starting his shift and will give him a clear picture of the systems function, or will point out malfunctioning. The Change Shift test will gascertain that the system is ready for the next shift period.
ECDIS Workstation
  • Type-approved marine PC with a high-resolution monitor
  • Designed to operate in harsh maritime environments
  • Flexible and expandable configuration
  • Up to 8 serial ports – capable to interface navigation equipment
  • Option: navigation console
Training courses for ECDIS
Remote Maintenance with Totem Cellular Router
  • A Cellular Router allows remote diagnostics, updates and assistance to Totem ECDIS.
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