Item Code : GS-0046
Model : JHS-180
Make : JRC

In accordance with IMO carriage requirements and SOLAS (Chapter V, regulation 19), passenger ships, vessels over 300GT on international voyages and all vessels over 500GT are mandated to carry AIS.  Existing vessels will be required to carry AIS on a schedule that phases the retrofits between July 1, 2003 and July 1, 2008.  All vessels built on or after July 1, 2002 are required to carry AIS


The JHS-180 AIS (Automatic Identification System) is a ship borne system capable of regularly broadcasting own ship's unique information and continually receiving and displaying information broadcast from other vessels.  All vessels and VTS operators within VHF range and equipped with an AIS transponder can continually receive and display information from other vessels.  New technology, SOTDMA (Self-Organized Time Division Multiple Access) allows for interoperability and eliminates channel congestion.  The VHF data link enables the AIS to "see around corners", allowing avoidance of dangers before contact has been established.  All ships information including Static and Vo0yage related data such as the ships name and cargos, as well as its Dynamic navigational informationn, i.e., position, course, and speed can be transmitted and received.





  • JRC's JHS-180 is a single unit structure combining the antenna with the transponder, guaranteeing easy system installation and cost savings.
  • Collision avoidance is enhanced when interfaced with ARPA Radar equipment and ECDIS.
  • JRC's unique Guard Ring feature with a guard zone setting gives the Officer On Watch added warning of potential collision threat.
  • Interface connection to ship's sensors i.e.: Gyrocompass (NSK Unit option), Speed Log, and Turn-Rate Indicator.
  • Channel management capability for areas without access to the worldwide allocated AIS frequencies.
  • Targets masked by land, rain, or sea clutter can be easily identified on a situational display.
  • Warnings to Navigators by the VTS or Coastal Authorities are displayed.
  • Back up GPS built-in
  • Long ange transfer of position data transmitted over Inmarsat C and Fleet F77
  • Fleet's ship identification can be indicated.
  • CH70 DCs distress signal is received and displayed.
  • Built-In Diagnostics and On-line maintenance support.



STANDARD JHS-180 AIS UNIT CONSISTS OF: AIS Transponder, Junction Box, AIS Controller, Connection Box, 5m Power Cable, 5m Control Cables (2), Auto Switching Poser Supply Unit, 1m Whip VHF Antenna, Spare Parts, and Instruction Manual.  Options NSK Unit, 10m Power and Control Cable Kits.

AIS Transponder


Frequency Range:
Default Channels:
DCS Receiving Freq:
VHF Receiver:

Transmitter, AIS Receivers (2 units), DCS Receiver, Antenna (built-in)
156.025~162.025MHz (transmitting/receiving)
CH87B (161.975MHz), CH88B (162.025MHz)
CH70 (156.525MHz) fixed
3 Channels

AIS Controller


Display Unit:
Display Capability:

PC Intervace:
Standard Parts:

Relay Output:
Optional Parts:

Messaging Capability:

5" LCD Display with LED selectable backlighting
Own ship's information, list of other ships
(11 ships/screen). other ships detailed information
Guard Zone, Lost Target, etc.
Sensor data input (3), Transponder communication (1), 
External Equipment communication (1), 
NSK communication (1),
On-line Maintenance data output (1),
External alarm device 
Sensor Data input (1)
(2) External Equipment Communication ports: Aux diaplay
unit and Long Range Communication Equipment
(inmarsat-C and Fleet F77)
CAN Communication port (1)
Relay output (1) for external alarm device
Transmitting/Receiving of 9 types of typical text with
arbitrary contents.

Power Supply

Power Consumption:

24VDC (-10% to +30%), 100/200VAC (+10%, -10%) 50/60Hz
DC 5A (max), 2A (min), 200VA (max) at 100VAC

Rate : Rs.110000/-